Joseph Dombey, dans une lettre écrite de Lima du 20 mai 1779, précise la manière ancestrale utilisée par les Péruviens pour préparer les pommes de terre qui constituent, avec le maïs, leur unique nourriture et qu’ils transportent dans un havresac pendant leurs longs voyages : la pomme de terre est cuite à l’eau, puis pelée et exposée au vent et au soleil jusqu’au séchage.

Hachis Parmentier (French pronunciation: [aʃi paʁmɑ̃tje]) is a dish once made with mashed baked potato that has been combined with diced meat and sauce lyonnaise and served in the potato skins ("shells"). In the modern world, however, a more copious version of the dish is the French equivalent of the British dish shepherd’s pie. History and etymology

Clapshot is a traditional Scottish dish that originated in Orkney and may be served with haggis, oatcakes, mince, sausages or cold meat. It is created by the combined mashing of swede turnips and potatoes ("neeps and tatties") with the addition of chives, butter or dripping, salt and pepper; some versions include onions. See also. List of potato dishes.

Пататник 1/29/2019  · To tease your taste buds and get you in the right mood for a feast with Bulgarian food, order one or more of the following appetisers: Salads from fresh or pickled vegetables, most commonly accompanied by a mouth-watering dressing of salt, oil, and vinegar. Shopska Salad: this is the most famous salad on the Balkans.Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers join tastes with white brine cheese, – Твоята начална страница – WEB INVEST AD © 2005-2014 Всички права запазени. Гледай Diema Sport безплатно с високо качество на живо! Стриймове за Diema Sport, Ring BG, NOVA Sport, BTV Action и още. малкълм сезон 3 епизод 10 денис белята анимация Синбад е най-страшният и опасен мошеник, кръстосвал някога седемте морета, който винаги

По разбираеми причини картофът е един от най-почитаните продукти в родопския край, но няма никакво съмнение, че пататникът е ястието, в което той се изявява блестящо. В случай че досега не сте имали шанса да опитате.